How I Made $101,129 In 100% Commissions

Inside this post I teach you step-by-step… …exactly how I generated $101,129 in 100% Commissions… …using social network marketing strategies so easy… …a 15 year old can do it. First and foremost I must show you social proof so you believe me… …and this is NOT to brag. It’s to show you that what I […]

Aaron And Sophia Rashkin Made $69,452 In 90 Days Part Time

Aaron & Sophia are a “powerhouse” couple… …who made $69,452 in 90 days ‘part time’ with Empower Network. DISCLAIMER: Just because Aaron & Sophia Rashkin made $69,452 in 90 days part time, doesn’t mean that you’ll make that much money, too… See our Full Income Disclosure (LIVE stats update every 24 hours – and you […]

Tracey Made $109,341 In 90 Days With Empower Network

Tracey Walker is just badass. She’s been with us since the beginning… and every single month has been BETTER than the last. In fact Tracey made a whopping $109,341 in 90 days with Empower Network. During our recent leadership retreat ‘yacht party‘… …I had the honor of doing this exclusive 1 on 1 interview with […]

Simon Made $66,281 In 90 Days With Empower Network

Simon flew down to San Diego all the way from Manchester, United Kingdom… …to kick it & party on this yacht with the top 25 Empower Network leaders. Simons Stepsys made $66,281 in 90 days with Empower Network… …and his best day so far has been $5,000. (see exclusive video interview below) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Just […]

Rob Fore Made $94,281 In 90 Days With Empower Network

In this video I had the privilege of interviewing… …one of the most mystical badasses inside of Empower Network. See this exclusive yacht interview below with the man, the myth, the legend himself. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Just because Rob Fore made an ‘extra’ $94,281 as an affiliate in 90 days, – doesn’t mean that you’ll make […]

High School Dropout Made $182,382 In 90 Days

He really earned $202,382 in 90 days… …because he wins a $20,000 cash prize for being the #1 affiliate contest winner. See it all live for yourself in this super badass video I took below at the event: IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Just because Mack made an ‘extra’ $182,382 as an affiliate in 90 days, AND won […]

Kevin And Melissa Made $57,425 With Empower Network

For Kevin & Melissa it’s not just all about the $57,425…. …which they earned here with Empower Network in the last 90 days. It’s about lifestyle freedom… sharing precious time with their children. The Knecht’s came to our Atlanta event 4 months ago with about $500 in their bank account. And then at our latest […]

How I Generated $48,395 In September

In this exclusive video… …I take you behind the scenes at our recent… …Empower Network leadership retreat yacht party in San Diego. …Just GET IN!!! Get started now here… …and start earning 100% commissions today! …or go here to learn more information. Video camera in my right hand & a glass of champagne in my […]

How he earned over $50,000 within his first 4 months

Jeff joined Empower 4 months ago and has already earned over $50,000… …and just had his first $20,000 + month. In this exclusive behind the scenes leadership retreat on this private yacht… …I had the pleasure of interviewing and hanging out with this… …rising superstar & dear friend by the name of Jeff Buchanan from […]

From Diner Delivery Dude To Collecting A $24,876 Check

What fascinates me about my dear friend Robert Mercado… …is the fact he is NEW to Internet Marketing & already having tremendous results. Just 6 months ago he was a “diner delivery dude” slaving away at his 9-5. Now thanks to Empower Network he’s living his dreams with his beautiful wife Alley… ….earning 5 figures […]

How I Made $63,878 In 90 Days

3 months ago I was literally struggling online & could barley pay my $450 a month rent in Costa Rica. Fast forward to my first Empower Network event 90 days ago… …Since then I have been consistently earning over $20,000 a month just inside of Empower Network. That’s my wife & I below with David […]

Turning Inspiration Into Physical Manifestation

Turning Inspiration Into Physical Manifestation My wife and I are heading out on a cruise to Mexico tomorrow for the week. Then soon as we get back to Florida we gearing up & flying out to San Diego for… …”Fight The Forces Of Evil 2012“. Get started right here if your not already in… …and […]

Interested, Committed or Fully Committed?

You Believe in it. You have put forth the effort… …but the results seems to be sloooow. Find out why in this powerful video. INTERESTED, COMMITTED or FULLY COMMITTED I had my biggest breakthroughs when I fully committed… …going ALL-IN. The education I gained out of the training here inside Empower Network… …allows me to […]

Why videos go viral

Kevin Allocca is YouTube’s trends manager, and he has deep thoughts about silly web video. In this talk, he shares the 4 reasons a video goes viral. Why videos go viral Video is “THE FUTURE” of the internet. Those taking advantage of effective video marketing… …have a “phat” advantage over their competition who don’t. Video […]

How To Release Your Inner Badass

Deep down inside everyone of us exist an inner badass. In fact, we are all born with it naturally. Then over time most of us loose touch with it. In this video I share a simple technique you can apply… …to awaken & embrace your inner badassery. Life is a constant flow of energy. You […]

The MLM Jesus Walks With Me

Who is the MLM Jesus? Many refer to David Wood as the “MLM Jesus”… …because he is known for resurrecting peoples downlines & bank accounts from the dead. Take for example me… before I ran into Dave Wood & Empower Network… I was grinding it out online for $2,000 – $3,000 a month. Then I […]

The Visions of Empower Network – Exclusive Interview

Hanging out poolside… on the beaches of Costa Rica… …with internet marketing Jedis with their B.A.D. “Bad Assery Degree“. …The Visions Of Empower Network – Exclusive David Wood Interview Get started now here… …and start earning 100% commissions today! …or go here to learn more information. This is how to “command commissions” into your bank […]

Behind The Scenes With “The Masters”

I recorded this exclusive… …behind the scenes video … …live from The Costa Rica “Masters Retreat”… …with David Wood & David Sharpe… …chillin’ in a suite @ the Costa Rica Hilton Papagayo resort… See us behind the scenes hanging out & hosting the Empower Hour live call from Costa Rica. In the video above you […]

How To Make A Good Testimonial

I told you I would be delivering “The Heat” from the Costa Rica “Masters Retreat” Here is an exclusive behind the scenes video of David Wood & David Sharpe teaching us… …How To Make A Good Testimonial Now you know how to make an effective video testimonial which is… …your most powerful weapon online. So […]